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When Looking to buy a HD video camera online, or digital camcorder? When deciding which digital camcorder to buy, a few different factors are important considerations. Often the final choice will be determined by the following key areas: price range, what the camera is to be used for, and any extra features needed. This guide explains the different options available for each specification and the best uses for each option. That is for people whom understand the difference, I bought my first camcorder purely because it was small looked good the sales man said it was of The BEST Digital Camcorder, they had a service that I could get it fixed or a refund and that was all I knew, and it was within my budget. So actually if you have already had one Camcorder and then buy another you can say this one is better than the other, but people like camcorders because they are small and the smaller the better now days. What I learnt from my last camcorder is that it is very sensitive when I move or walk and it actually ends up making the viewer dizzy, with all the motion. So next I will be looking for a built in stabilizer. Yes there are Digital camcorders with stabilizers as walking with my camcorder now is a disaster. Our eyes travel faster than the camcorder so every motion needs to be a slow motion in order for the viewer to see what we are capturing. HD video camera online has a collection of the best digital camcorders where you are able to read about these comparisons

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